Gunn International Scholarship for Visiting Students in US 2020

Through the Gunn Scholarship, eligible students are invited to spend one year at W&L to augment the major studies in which they are engaged at their home institutions. The scholarship pays the full tuition, room, board, and transportation costs for one year.

Gunn scholars may come from any academic discipline, but preference is given to students who 1) will focus some of their work in our Williams School, which houses the departments of Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and Politics (including American Politics, Global Politics, and Political Theory) and 2) are interested in a broader education in the liberal arts.

Gunn Scholars may take up to FOUR courses in the Williams School. The scholarship requires students to experience the American liberal model of education by taking courses in the College of Arts and Sciences and/or in our many interdisciplinary programs such as “Law, Justice and Society” and “Poverty and Human Capability.” Once the Gunn scholar is selected, he or she will be assigned an academic adviser in the Williams School who will work with the scholar to select classes for the fall term.

While at W&L, students have access to a world of academic, athletic and extracurricular activities and the opportunity to explore unique on-campus housing options such as the Global Service House.

To be eligible, Gunn Scholars will:

Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at a non-U.S. university
Be fluent in English
Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate financial need
Application Materials
Your application will include:

Official transcripts
Two letters of recommendation
Evidence of a strong extracurricular background
Two personal essays
TOEFL or IELTS score
Applications are due March 9, 2020. The application is now available to submit electronically ONLY. Please do not send paper copies. For more information, contact Hunter Swanson.

Apply here

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