IJMB Registration Starts for 200 Level University Admission

Getting a university admission is now easier than ever with IJMB A’Level results. More interestingly, you will not be admitted into 100Level using UTME (JAMB) but you will be at the higher end of your mates; you get admission into 200 Level into the university of your choice with direct entry (DE).

Please note that registration and admission is currently going on and will soon close.


So questions arising from your mind is how is that possible? Who are those conducting the IJMB and where can you enroll?

No problem! Answers to your quests are right here at your finger tips.

Question: What does IJMB stands for?
Answer: Interim Joint Matriculation Board

Question: Who owns or coordinate IJMB?
Answer: IJMB is owned and coordinated by the prestigious Ahmadu Bello Unibersity, Zaria.

Question: How many years or months is the duration to complete IJMB and get result?
Answer: The programme span for just 9 months, during which you will receive lectures, sit for tests and exam. And in few months result are released.

Question: Will I be able to meet up with my university of choice school calendar if I enroll for IJMB?
Answer: Yes. The universities calendars and IJMB calendar are synchronized to work together to avoid lagging behind and delay of admission into universities.

Question: Which level will I be admitted into if I complete IJMB?
Answer: You will start from 200 Level in the university of your choice.

Question: What is the difference between DE and UTME applications?
Answer: With UTME applications, you will be offered 100Level after you must have written JAMB, while DE (Direct Entry) will afford you 200Level admission. IJMB is one of the means of getting admission by DE.

Question: Which universities accept IJMB results for admission?
Answer: Many Nigerian universities accept IJMB. Amongst them are Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; University of Ilorin; University of Abuja;


Question: How much is the application form fee?
Answer: Fortunately, application form is free. Yes free.

Question: How do I apply?
Answer: Simply fill the forms here to indicate your interest


Question: If application form is free, is registration also free?
Answer: Registration is not free, but at a moderate fee. You will pay for registration once you receive your application and ready to start at our centre.

Question: Can I pay my school fees in instalments?
Answer: Yes. You can pay according to your convinience.

Question: Why must I pay for registration?
Answer: Because we incur cost to register you with ABU, tuition fee to pay lecturers, cost of study material, accommodation and hostels, etc. But all the same, the fee is very low.

Question: So how much is the total school fee?
Answer: School fees is between N168,000 to N240,000 and cover everything you will need from the beginning to complete your IJMB programme. The fee is flexible.


Question: Which IJMB centre is the best I can enroll to pass with best result?
Answer: We have lists of centres across Nigeria that can guarantee you passing through flying colours. Please make your choice from the list.

We have centres in Ilorin, Ekiti, Delta, Port Harcourt


Question: How many subjects can I combine for IJMB?
Answer: 3 subjects that match your chosen course


Question: How will IJMB grade students results in examination?
Answer: IJMBE grading is similar to conventional grading in WAEC and NECO. Grades A, B, C, D, E and F.

Question: But I was told that there are IJMB POINTS; how do I calculate it?
Answer: It’s quite simple. Grade A=5points, B=4points, C=3points, D=2points, E=1point and F=0point. So if you don’t any F (fail) in your subjects combination, you are entitle to extra 1point. For example, if you score A in Accounts, B in Economics and B in Management, your total point is 5 + 4 + 4= 13 + 1(extra point)= 14points. This only happens so because you did not have any F.

Question: So what is the cut-off mark or how many points must I score to gain admission into the university of my choice and to study the course of my choice?
Answer: It deepens on the course you choose. Some courses require you to score high score, which others require just average score.


Question: What advantage does IJMB have over JAMB
Answer: With JAMB you will gain admission into 100Level, while IJMB offers you admission into 200 Level.

Question: Do I always need to write JAMB to qualify for admission
Answer: No. With IJMB, you don’t need to write JAMB. JAMB offers you 100Level, while IJMB offers you 200Level.

Question: What is the requirements for enroll for IJMB?
Answer: You need to have sat for SSCE (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) and have 5 credits

Question: What if I don’t have 5 credits?
Answer: You can enroll for additional OLevel (only for English and maths) to complement your deficiencies

Question: Does IJMB accept students with awaiting results?
Answer: Yes. Awaiting result students can also apply.

Question: Does IJMB offers multiple admission opportunities
Answer: Yes. You can apply to any universities with your IJMB result

Question: Do I need to write entrance exam to enroll for IJMB
Answer: No. You won’t need to write entrance exam.

Question: Is IJMB accredited and approved?
Answer: Yes, IJMB is accredited and approved by the government and also by the National Universities Commission (NUC)

Question: What courses can I study with IJMB?
Answer: You can study all courses: Law, engineering, medicine, accounting, economics, and many more. The choice is yours.

Question: How many times or years can I use my IJMB result?
Answer: IJMB result does not expire, so you can use it over again. But JAMB (UTME) lapse after 1 year.

Question: Can I still be enrolling for IJMB and still sit for JAMB?
Answer: Yes. This will give you multiple opportunities.

Question: How do I use my IJMB result to gain admission into university?
Answer: Since IJMB is a direct entry programme into 200Levels, you will obtain a DE form which we will guide you to fill at our centres.

Best of luck!

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