Friday, 26 January 2018

8 Tips For Successful Study Time Management

Studying for success
Studying is an essential part of a students life necessary for success.
The following tips will help you study in a more efficient manner.
  1. Study in small time blocks instead of long time period e.g. study/work in 60 minutes blocks and take frequent 10 minutes break in between, rather than study for 2-3 hours straight.
  2. Reward yourself after you complete a task. This can be by taking a cold drink or doing anything you like for leisure like listening to music.
  3. Motivate yourself to study. Dwell on success, not on failure.
  4. Try to study in small groups rather than in large groups.
  5. Break large assignments into smaller tasks.
  6. Keep a reminder schedule and checklist and set realistic goals.
  7. Modify the environment where you study by eliminating or minimizing noise. Ensure adequate lighting and have necessary equipments at hand.
  8. Don't get too comfortable when you are studying. A desk and straight-back chair is usually best (a bed is no place to study). Be neat! Take few minutes to straighten your desk. This can help reduce daydreaming.
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